Enterprise Manager Build 3399

Build 3399 released as update only.

Build Change Date Change

2.3399 6/30/2021 Public Release

2.3398 6/22/2021 STuff

2.3397 6/22/2021 CV Report Version Checking.

2.3396 6/22/2021 Fix for shipment from task not populating description if it is too long.
2.3396 6/22/2021 Fix for deleting shipment not refreshing job shipments header.
2.3396 6/22/2021 Fix for only being able to load shipping header once.

2.3395 6/21/2021 Woops.

2.3394 6/21/2021 Increment min COM version.

2.3393 6/18/2021 Add company name in front of new company location address

2.3392 6/18/2021 Add company locations to work order shipment addresses.

2.3391 6/18/2021 Fix for overview showing same entry multiple times.

2.3390 6/18/2021 Fix for sorting with new By Current Step grouping for tasks.

2.3389 6/18/2021 Add Next/Prev steps to overview in Manufacturing.
2.3389 6/18/2021 Add ability to group by current step in Jobs->Tasks.

2.3388 6/11/2021 Add “Re-assign to…” to tasks with routing step ids.
2.3388 6/10/2021 Add Estimator flag to user editing.

2.3387 6/9/2021 Fix for clicking on multiple tasks header showing individual tasks actual costs.
2.3387 6/9/2021 Fix for not refreshing selected lines total on refresh in Manage GL Transactions interface.

2.3386 6/3/2021 Fix for ETA not showing in task requirements.

2.3385 6/2/2021 Added activities to task quick properties.

2.3384 6/2/2021 Woops.

2.3383 6/2/2021 Add pickup to address types.

2.3382 5/28/2021 Woops.

2.3381 5/27/2021 Who knows, maybe this will help with the crashing in reports.

2.3380 5/27/2021 In Jobs module Job ID search with – in it will be treated as Job Task Tag.
2.3380 5/27/2021 Change background green and red to be less dark (hard to see).
2.3380 5/27/2021 BoM editor will open quick task details after displaying instead of before.
2.3380 5/27/2021 BoM editor improvements to coloring.

2.3378 5/27/2021 Added save grid button to manufacturing.

2.3377 5/27/2021 Manufacturing grid color changes.
2.3377 5/27/2021 Manufacturing grid now remembers width – ONLY AFTER A REFRESH THOUGH!

2.3376 5/26/2021 The blue text for most recently sent sheet is back in Manufacturing and in CNC viewer- only now it is by machine so each machine will always show its last sheet sent.
2.3376 5/26/2021 Added “Waiting On” and “Next Routing” columns to Manufacturing, removed time remaining which hasn’t been populated for a long, long time.
2.3376 5/26/2021 Fix for errors when modifying first column width in Manufacturing.
2.3376 5/26/2021 Add NAUF/FSC labels in Task Quick Details.

2.3374 5/25/2021 Add Quick Details column to Manufacturing.

2.3373 5/25/2021 Change task notes popup into task quick details.
2.3373 5/25/2021 Add view: task details to task cover sheet.
2.3373 5/25/2021 Add on floor date and other changes to task cover sheet.

2.3372 5/24/2021 Fix for address error on old tasks.

2.3371 5/24/2021 Add address to tasks- details, coversheet, and creating shipment.

2.3370 5/20/2021 More and more debugging in report printing.

2.3369 5/20/2021 Add scope questionnaire to task cover sheet.

2.3368 5/19/2021 Move task tag to front of task in all treeviews.
2.3368 5/19/2021 Fix Job Task Tag search not working with –
2.3368 5/19/2021 Entering Job-Tag in any linked job id input/task id input will populate the task id.

2.3367 5/19/2021 … but not if they hit escape.
2.3367 5/19/2021 Refresh manufacturing after editing via default Open button.

2.3366 5/19/2021 Add task tag to task name in Manufacturing and Tasks Dashboard.

2.3365 5/18/2021 Fix for tasks from web not showing in tasks dashboard.

2.3364 5/18/2021 More debugging.

2.3363 5/11/2021 More debugging for crashing in reports.

2.3362 5/10/2021 Add actual costs to task search click handler.

2.3361 4/27/2021 Default action in manufacturing is to edit task if no other default action.
2.3361 4/27/2021 Add labor category to task editor budget item display.
2.3361 4/27/2021 Fix for crash in context viewer with empty sub context menus.

2.3360 4/23/2021 Add size info to shipment listview for parts.
2.3360 4/21/2021 Remove all locations from Task Import.

2.3359 4/21/2021 Fix for employee with multiple PTO account balances getting double PTO accruals.

2.3358 4/20/2021 Fix for deleting shipment from task context menu actually deleting task.

2.3357 4/14/2021 Fix for crash in new notes in task editor.

2.3356 4/14/2021 Add GL Account ID to purchasing search.

2.3355 4/14/2021 Add multiple shipment export to PDF to shipping.
2.3355 4/14/2021 Add notes to task BOM editor.

2.3354 4/13/2021 Fix for incorrect pto balance warning for non balance carrying accounts.

2.3353 4/9/2021 Fix for import jobs.

2.3352 4/8/2021 Put back job importing.

2.3351 4/6/2021 Remove number stripping at front of job name from jobs importer.
2.3351 3/26/2021 Add email batches to report click handler, and click on batch in detail to pop up list of effective users.

2.3350 3/26/2021 Add click to go to website/email/dial telephone for all of those types of detail entries.

2.3349 3/26/2021 Fix for server not running reporting emails.