This plugin will take geometry directly from AutoCAD and into Cabinet Vision’s Screen-To-Machine Center for nesting and output to CNC machinery.

It will only work with the full (not LT), 64-bit edition of AutoCAD.  It will also require Cabinet Vision and S2M Center to be installed on your computer.  This is not compatible with machines that have Office 64 bit installs.  You’ll have to remove and re-install a 32 bit version of Office.

You must install in the order that the files are named (i.e. 4) Setup).  Any of the first 3 could very well tell you that they are already installed, in which case you can safely just close that installer.

To open the plugin you must issue the “S2MINIT” command.

The first time (or when changing S2M versions) you must issue the “S2MVERSION” command and select your S2M Version.  You must then restart AutoCAD.  You’ll likely get some error messages the first few times through.  Just close up and try again after going all the way to S2M.

To use this with CV’s materials catalog requires a user be added to the database.  A program is included to do this for you.  If running AutoCAD on the server that houses the CV materials catalog (or if a standalone install), issue the “S2MSETUP” command.  If the server does not have AutoCAD on it, you will need to copy the “PrepareSolidDatabase.exe” file from Program Files\Jonah Coleman\AutoCAD S2M to the server, then right click and run as administrator.

It will install for the FULL and MECHANICAL editions of AutoCAD 2018-2021.  If you are running a different version or edition, you will need to issue the command “NETLOAD”, browse to Program Files\Jonah Coleman\AutoCAD S2M, and select the “AutoCADS2M.dll” file from the proper sub-folder (by version).  If you are running a different version I can’t promise it will work properly.