Enterprise Manager Build 3348

Build 3348 released as Update Only.

change log:

Build      Change Date      Change

2.3348   3/26/2021            Added verify shipment items to shop access.

2.3348   3/26/2021            Fix for errors when updating database and creating gl ref items.

2.3348   3/26/2021            Public Release.

2.3347   3/12/2021            Fix for crash when not having finance labor permission and clicking on task.

2.3346   3/11/2021            Add shop hours to job click handler.

2.3346   3/11/2021            Add shop hours to task click handler.

2.3346   3/11/2021            Fix for rendering sheet in cnc viewer when simulating during pre-processing.

2.3345   3/9/2021              Add used in task and from task menus to offcut context menu.

2.3344   3/5/2021              Fix for S2M import error when importing from CV 2021.

2.3343   3/1/2021              Fix for pipe in activities stopping display.

2.3343   2/26/2021            Fix for not creating start menu shortcut.

2.3343   2/26/2021            Add requirements to PO Item activity handler.

2.3342   2/24/2021            Fix for transfer to MRP not including Job ID.

2.3342   2/24/2021            Add coloring to all sku activities items.

2.3342   2/24/2021            Add sku activity handler to show sku allocation/returns for past 7 days.

2.3342   2/23/2021            Support for S2M 2021 and CV 11.

2.3341   2/23/2021            Fix for scale issue < 1.

2.3339   2/22/2021            Add location selector to productivity in manufacturing.

2.3339   2/22/2021            Fix for window placement/sizing on high dpi monitors- only works when all monitors are same resolution.

2.3339   2/22/2021            Fix for crash in adding S2M materials.

2.3339   2/22/2021            Add PO Requirements to Task Details.

2.3338   2/22/2021            Parts on concealed material in S2M will get IGNOREGRAIN set to 1 if they do not have a line bore in the X direction.

2.3338   2/22/2021            Closing EM after importing from S2M- no longer necessary to run scheduler.

2.3337   2/22/2021            S2M import defaults to last S2M module company location.

2.3337   1/28/2021            Increment minimum COM version.

2.3336   1/27/2021            Fix for lock up in home module when causing a list view refresh when one is already in progress.

2.3335   1/21/2021            Fix for auto spread timeclock entries not saving wage rate.

2.3335   1/21/2021            Add check that auto spread timeclock user and activity code are from same location.

2.3334   1/14/2021            Add sort by on floor date to manufacturing and Tasks Dashboard.

2.3333   1/8/2021              Fix for refresh in CNC viewer after showing context menu for sheet area.

2.3332   1/7/2021              Add PO ETA to Calendar.

2.3332   1/7/2021              Fix for PTO not getting color in Calendar.

2.3332   1/7/2021              Fix for list view grouping not working.

2.3332   1/7/2021              Clicking on item in list view will load it in the tree view.

2.3331   1/7/2021              Fix for “months ago” not grouping properly in offcuts search.

2.3331   1/7/2021              Hide task id column in manufacturing.

2.3331   1/7/2021              Disallow editing of on floor date column in manufacturing/tasks dashboard – it has been a calculated value for a while.

2.3331   1/7/2021              Change pending offcuts to using “new” context menu system.

2.3331   1/7/2021              Fix for toggling force keep pending offcut not refreshing sheet.

2.3330   1/6/2021              Fix for crash in context menu generation.

2.3329   1/5/2021              Add task name to job sku consumption.

2.3328   1/4/2021              Fix for auto close tasks not working properly.

2.3327   1/4/2021              Fix for pipe in note causing it to not show up.

2.3326   12/31/2020         Fix for icon in S2M for job specific materials.

2.3325   12/31/2020         Add new job specific/global context menu items to S2M Center materials.

2.3325   12/31/2020         S2M Center job material override names are used in importing S2M.

2.3325   12/31/2020        

2.3324   12/30/2020         Fix for “All (location) tasks” not filtering to location in tasks dashboard.

2.3323   12/30/2020         Fix for sizes not changing in S2M Center.

2.3323   12/30/2020         Fix for buttons not highlighting in customer lookup when opened.

2.3322   12/30/2020         Fix for pop-up details view in Manufacturing right click/add note/file/actions not working.

2.3321   12/30/2020         Fix for BOM editor not showing qty staged for items with no face up/down/size.

2.3321   12/30/2020         Fix for BOM Editor double refreshing properties (flashy).

2.3321   12/30/2020         Change “Recent CNC…” button to “Recent Tasks…” in Manufacturing.

2.3321   12/30/2020         Fix for Recent button in manf not working.

2.3321   12/30/2020         Recent button uses view’s default action (like open button).

2.3320   12/23/2020         Qty Staged in BoM editor differentiates by face up/down and size.

2.3319   12/21/2020         Fix for auto close manufacturing tasks not working when multiple locations selected for server.

2.3318   12/15/2020         Fix for auto calc task completion overwriting manual specified amount.

2.3317   12/9/2020            Fix for stupid timeclock thing again.

2.3316   12/9/2020            Fix for incorrect routing completion calculation when routing completes more than one type.

2.3315   12/8/2020            OK broke the regular ones.

2.3314   12/8/2020            Fix for tasks dashboard multiple CNC routing by facility not working.

2.3313   12/8/2020            Fix for auto closing tasks not working with multiple locations selected.

2.3312   11/25/2020         Remove clipput left in.

2.3311   11/24/2020         Separate out print label for completion interface setting by completion type (i.e. door, drawer box, etc).

2.3310   11/12/2020         Fix for crash.

2.3309   11/12/2020         Add create shipment to task context menu.

2.3309   10/26/2020         Add activity handler for SKU transfers.

2.3309   10/26/2020         Complete auto text in task cover sheet sheet goods output (faces).

2.3309   10/26/2020         Complete auto text in sheet good details handler for up/down/name.

2.3308   10/22/2020         Add Transfer SKU Location.

2.3307   10/19/2020         Gray was way too dark in Manufacturing.

2.3306   10/19/2020         Fix for not recalculating task % complete after staging materials in BoM editor.

2.3306   10/19/2020         Fix for not refreshing after staging materials in BoM editor.

2.3306   10/19/2020         Panels no longer calculate into % complete for Materials Staging routing, only if panel staging routing added.

2.3305   10/19/2020         Fix for not recalc’ing task percent completion after staging materials.