Enterprise Manager Build 3488

Released as update only.

change log:
Build Change Date Change

2.3488 1/10/2022 Public Release

2.3487 1/7/2022 Fix for error when printing cover sheet for task without assignd document.

2.3486 1/5/2022 ADd permanent recording and display of part label indexes in CNC viewer.

2.3485 1/5/2022 Fix for QB Jobs Import overwriting customer PO with blank.

2.3484 1/3/2022 Add group by sku to gl search.

2.3483 1/3/2022 Add filter by GL Account ID, indicators when search is cleared/no results to search gl transactions.

2.3482 1/3/2022 Add effective datetime to stock SKU adjustments.

2.3481 12/30/2021 Add PO Item ID to BOM Items.
2.3481 12/30/2021 Add breakout payroll to time tracking allocations.
2.3481 12/29/2021 Add support for CV 2022/S2M 2022.
2.3481 12/29/2021 Remove CW Setup links.

2.3480 12/29/2021 Add Sku adjustments and scan enter sku adjustments to Shop Access.

2.3479 12/28/2021 Better text for sku valuation adjustments in activities handler.
2.3479 12/28/2021 Record the initial balance qty for initial balances.

2.3478 12/27/2021 Publish
2.3478 12/27/2021 Add progress and cancel option for multiple action in list view.
2.3478 12/27/2021 Fix for items not refreshing when in viewer in multiple selection handler.

2.3477 12/27/2021 Add SKU bulk edit to set customizable flag.

2.3476 12/27/2021 Fix for item number getting overwritten with blank in PO Editor with a non-customizable sku.

2.3475 12/27/2021 Fix for crash adding offcuts in S2M.

2.3474 12/24/2021 Add task requirements to PO item editor

2.3473 12/23/2021 Improvements to S2M materials size list updating.
2.3473 12/23/2021 Change “Manage Offcuts” button into “Add Offcuts” button in S2M.

2.3472 12/23/2021 Fix for sku adjustments not offering context menu in reports.

2.3471 12/23/2021 Reports don’t add context menus unless there is a value.

2.3470 12/22/2021 Fix for requested items not matching the vendor total to the company location.

2.3469 12/21/2021 Put back work order document when printing task cover sheet.
2.3469 12/21/2021 Fix for pop-up errors in S2M.

2.3468 12/21/2021 Fix for other properties not working.

2.3467 12/21/2021 Fix for editing sheet name not sticking in BOM Editor.

2.3466 12/21/2021 Add “Add to task output” flag for parts.

2.3465 12/16/2021 Only reset item number in PO Editor if SKU changed.

2.3464 12/15/2021 Fix for above.

2.3463 12/15/2021 View in selector will add a company location header if one is found in the original search- this is important for SKUs.
2.3463 12/15/2021 Fix for refresh in GL transactions viewer, also show SKU onhand adjustments with $0.

2.3462 12/15/2021 Fix for multiple selection context menu not working in reporting.
2.3462 12/15/2021 Add ability to enter cost per each in sku allocation editor.
2.3462 12/15/2021 Add prompt for qty for initial balance inventory change.

2.3461 12/13/2021 Add SEARCH button and show all to GL Transactions editor.
2.3461 12/13/2021 Add PO ID to GL transactions editor.

2.3460 12/13/2021 Add View History Of Values to goods receipt/ap invoice context menus.

2.3459 12/9/2021 Add shipping method and timing to tasks.

2.3458 12/9/2021 Add customer PO to job details, task details, shipment item, task cover sheet, etc.

2.3457 12/9/2021 Fix for manufacturing sometimes flipping to another window.
2.3457 12/9/2021 Task->Allocate SKUs from Manufacturing will always show, even if nothing listed- and will reflect SKU allocate at assignments.
2.3457 12/3/2021 Minor changes.

2.3456 11/29/2021 High DPI support.

2.3455 11/29/2021 Error on compile.

2.3454 11/29/2021 Don’t prompt about post to assembly stuff if not allocating assembly SKUs.

2.3453 11/22/2021 Remove display scaling.

2.3452 11/10/2021 Fixes to job stock inventory to account for locations.

2.3451 11/9/2021 Add prompt to allocate skus to routing editor and automatic prompt if enabled.

2.3449 11/9/2021 Add Task: allocate SKUs.

2.3448 11/9/2021 Add color coding and confirmation to sku allocation screen when qty is 0.

2.3447 11/9/2021 Fix for error when completing banding and qty needed is 0.

2.3446 11/3/2021 Add employees without accounting Ids to timeclock audit

2.3445 11/2/2021 No time tracking to estimate job types.

2.3444 10/29/2021 Fix for screen saver happening when not DB connected.

2.3443 10/28/2021 Fix for FSC flag only getting wrong sku id assigned on CV import.

2.3442 10/19/2021 Screen saver is back.

2.3441 10/19/2021 Remove images from screen saver for now.

2.3440 10/18/2021 Debugging for attach files window.

2.3439 10/12/2021 Add view bottleneck and view screen saver buttons to home actions area.

2.3438 10/12/2021 Fix Screen Saver

2.3437 10/12/2021 Error in previous compile.

2.3436 10/12/2021 Fix for task name too long creating invalid file name when exporting cover sheet to PDF.

2.3435 9/9/2021 Add validation message for staging SKU that is set to post to completed assembly.

2.3434 9/9/2021 Add a date input to the date selector pop up.
2.3434 9/9/2021 Report parameter dates show in non-euro date.
2.3434 9/9/2021 Report parameter names do not repeat if they match the value.

2.3433 9/9/2021 Fix for offcuts wrong on cross grain sheet.

2.3432 9/2/2021 Add coloring/text for verification % on shipments.

2.3431 8/26/2021 Update jobs importer to support job names that begin with numbers.

2.3430 8/24/2021 Added prompt when saving task to print labels if any shipment items were added.

2.3428 8/12/2021 Add qty verified to all shipment item types.
2.3428 8/12/2021 Add coloring to questionaire top items that are False.

2.3427 8/11/2021 Fix for crash when adding shipment item.
2.3427 8/11/2021 Add auditing to em task classes.

2.3426 8/11/2021 Fix for screen saver error on first install.

2.3425 8/11/2021 Add % and qty completed to Manufacturing grid view for laminated panels/CNC.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add edit laminated panels to task context menu.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add completes laminated panels to routings.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add laminated panels info to task details.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add edit laminated panels as default open action in manufacturing.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add task auto completion for laminated panels.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add qty completed to laminated panels.
2.3425 8/11/2021 Add laminated panel info to label database for shipment item labels.
2.3425 8/10/2021 Debugging

2.3424 8/10/2021 New Edit Shipment Items screen for shop access.
2.3424 8/10/2021 Add laminated panel info to shipment item editing in tasks.

2.3422 8/5/2021 Fix for copying over PSNC-CV while new S2M is still open v12+.

2.3421 8/5/2021 No screen saver when scanning.

2.3420 8/4/2021 Fix for 5 second screen saver.

2.3419 8/4/2021 Screen saver only when EM is active.

2.3418 8/4/2021 Fix for screen saver not taking into account keyboard.

2.3417 8/4/2021 Add screen saver setting.

2.3416 8/3/2021 Fix for screen saver corrupting view.

2.3415 8/3/2021 Fixes to screen saver.

2.3414 8/3/2021 Add screen saver.
2.3414 8/3/2021 Add screen saver.

2.3413 7/29/2021 Add copy value uppercase to details listview.

2.3412 7/21/2021 Followed by another.

2.3411 7/21/2021 Stupid error.

2.3410 7/21/2021 Fix for error importing from CV 2021.

2.3409 7/12/2021 Fix for inventory transfers causing rounding errors.

2.3408 7/12/2021 Add task document to shipment activities when shipment contains task output.
2.3408 7/12/2021 Add task document prompt to copy task documents when multiple printing shipment pdf.

2.3407 7/9/2021 Add sheets cut today/yesterday metrics to cnc sheet viewer.
2.3407 7/9/2021 Task quick details not shown when there’s nothing to show.
2.3407 7/9/2021 Task quick details not shown if shown repeatedly within 15 seconds.

2.3406 7/8/2021 SKU lookup is way less flashy.

2.3403 7/8/2021 Attaching a hot note to anything connected to a task will offer all users who have tracked time to the task.
2.3403 7/8/2021 Added Current User to Manufacturing listviews.

2.3402 7/7/2021 Remove Allocate From Stock flag at task level.
2.3402 7/6/2021 Fix for math not working in input.
2.3402 7/6/2021 Fix for materials listview behaving badly after deleting materials and removing their parts.

2.3401 7/6/2021 Add QCP as compliance job property.

2.3400 6/30/2021 Add budget item details to tasks cover sheet database.