Enterprise Manager Build 3271

Build 3271 released as Update Only.

Build Change Date Change

2.3271 6/29/2020 Public release.

2.3270 6/23/2020 Add Task to users dashboard.
2.3270 6/23/2020 Add Shop Time Flag to activity editing.

2.3269 6/23/2020 Fix for crash in Manufacturing.

2.3268 6/23/2020 Fix for saving job precomputing all skus (taking lots of time).
2.3268 6/23/2020 When task is completed, add pop-up to update budget items.

2.3267 6/16/2020 Fix for error refreshing shipment.

2.3266 6/15/2020 Fix for loading shipment in job not working.

2.3265 6/15/2020 Fix for shipping error.

2.3264 6/12/2020 Fix for edit description items in task editor bug in Locations.

2.3262 6/9/2020 Add Override Path registry key.

2.3259 5/29/2020 Fix for time clock calculation issue.

2.3258 5/28/2020 Add breakdown of burden to labor.

2.3257 5/27/2020 Print shipment item label in task editor will handle all with multiple.

2.3256 5/27/2020 Fix for unable to copy shpiment items sometimes.

2.3255 5/27/2020 Add table to shipment item labels export to allow multiple labels per item.

2.3254 5/19/2020 Fix for unable to save timeclock punch for another user when remembered activity code.

2.3253 5/19/2020 Fix for sendfiles not updating for new server.
2.3253 5/19/2020 Fix for use of inventory not added into total in EM.

2.3252 5/11/2020 Job Importer no longer closes estimate type jobs.

2.3251 5/4/2020 Add manually staged column to manufacturing.
2.3251 5/4/2020 Add manually staged toggle to task context menu.
2.3251 5/4/2020 Change order of Notes/Work Center in manufacturing.

2.3250 4/23/2020 Add Staged column to Manufacturing (doesn’t do anything yet).
2.3250 4/23/2020 Fix for context menu not working properly in report list viewer.

2.3248 4/15/2020 Stupid Migration.

2.3247 4/14/2020 Add setting to control importing part pictures from S2M.

2.3246 4/14/2020 More Migration Fixes

2.3241 4/14/2020 Add migration for old stored files locations.

2.3240 4/14/2020 Stored files moved to sub-folders for performance.

2.3239 4/13/2020 Fix for reporting error.

2.3237 4/8/2020 Again.

2.3236 4/8/2020 Updates to servers for AA.

2.3235 4/7/2020 Add budget items to task context menu.

2.3234 4/7/2020 Add more defense for report printing.
2.3234 4/7/2020 Add registry key migrating code.

2.3232 4/1/2020 Fix for crash when printing SKU labels from a SKU grouping.

2.3231 3/24/2020 Fix for crash when importing an empty S2M import (yeah, I know- but it shouldn’t crash).

2.3230 3/23/2020 Fix for MRP oscilating back and forth because it counted requests as on order.
2.3230 3/23/2020 Fix for deleting PO Item not removing the item, only the allocation- some queries would show the item still on order.

2.3226 3/18/2020 DSM Server Upgrade

2.3225 3/17/2020 Fix for hot note emailing locking database.

2.3224 3/16/2020 Fix for multiple “All ” in notes not resolving.

2.3223 3/12/2020 Color coding task by description items for completion.
2.3223 3/12/2020 Adding budget items to task will set facility/completion dates/notes.

2.3222 3/11/2020 Add display of budget items linked to task via command line for bottleneck.

2.3220 3/10/2020 ADding budget items to a task adds their notes.

2.3219 2/28/2020 Fix for crash in edit user.

2.3217 2/27/2020 Fix for Biesse INC resolving in tool name.

2.3216 2/26/2020 Fix for PTO not being properly calculted.
2.3216 2/26/2020 Change Notes module to only show one mailbox at a time and allow switching.

2.3212 2/25/2020 Object Status updates for budget items do not permit custom statuses and share database records.
2.3212 2/25/2020 Add link from Production website to create task.
2.3212 2/25/2020 Fix for task editor not highlighting buttons.

2.3211 2/24/2020 Fix for report permission not saving.

2.3210 2/24/2020 Add import accrual amount to PTO import.
2.3210 2/24/2020 Add simulation mode to accrual system.

2.3209 2/24/2020 Fix for crashes in new stuff.

2.3208 2/24/2020 Added PTO accrual to employee record and option to run during payroll export/action item.
2.3208 2/18/2020 Add location.txt to override location of files.
2.3208 2/17/2020 Add margin $/% calculations to job details. Remove old margin/hour.

2.3207 2/17/2020 Add Vendor invoice amount as search type.

2.3206 2/12/2020 Expand setting value size to 4000.
2.3206 2/12/2020 Add base cost, OT cost, base with burden cost, OT cost to time clock week calculator.
2.3206 2/12/2020 Update utility will re-assign wages to time allocations that have already been assigned to 0 or empty.
2.3206 2/12/2020 Saving wages/job costs will update existing time allocations already assigned to 0 or empty.

2.3204 2/11/2020 User check in/out pops up whenever a time transaction causes punched in/out status to be different after than before.
2.3204 2/11/2020 Auto drop canned status on object status.

2.3203 2/10/2020 HIDE will hide in DB Recordset viewer – for example when used with a report.
2.3203 2/10/2020 Add additional column names that will offer context menu (will ignore the HIDE in front of it).
2.3203 2/10/2020 Add documentation of 2 above things to tooltip in report editor.

2.3200 2/6/2020 Users only show checked in status if they have checked in TODAY.

2.3199 2/5/2020 Implement “Add before/after punches” in time clock

2.3198 2/4/2020 Exclude S2M data from assembly completion interface files list.
2.3198 2/4/2020 Add Did You Know to assembly completion.
2.3198 2/4/2020 Add ” (.EXT)” text to stored files listing in activites view and in assembly completion interface.

2.3197 2/4/2020 Fix for copy object hyperlink not properly getting control text.

2.3196 2/4/2020 Add Task Files… button to assembly completion interface.
2.3196 2/4/2020 Fix for control-click context menu item not copying hyperlink to clipboard.
2.3196 2/4/2020 Add More… Copy hyperlink option.
2.3196 2/4/2020 Fix for users dashboard not fixing listview.

2.3195 1/30/2020 Fix for users not being able to see notes sent to them with multiple recipients if they don’t have the view all notes permission.

2.3192 1/16/2020 Build 2.3192 to production.
2.3192 1/16/2020 Defensive programming for GL transactions.
2.3192 1/16/2020 Fix for constant cache reloading of edit window in job folder shortcuts
2.3192 1/16/2020 Removing unused code in Manufacturing context menu
2.3192 1/16/2020 Copy task code files can handle multiple selection in one action.
2.3192 1/16/2020 Fix for update time tracking by year/week not working.
2.3192 1/16/2020 Update database time transactions will update missing Wage Ids for existing time transactions first.
2.3192 1/16/2020 Fix for saving wage rate not recalculating previous wage rates.
2.3192 1/16/2020 Updates to move Emmetsburg.

2.3190 1/15/2020 Don’t do it every time though, maybe.

2.3189 1/15/2020 Add temporary fix to move Emmetsburg over to DSM.

2.3179 12/30/2019 Fix for tasks header saying “FILTERED” when not filtered.
2.3179 12/30/2019 Add “Refresh” to tasks header.
2.3179 12/30/2019 Fix for AP invoices tree view items displaying with improper date format.
2.3179 12/30/2019 After opening saved S2M data, treat as new file (modify tables, prompt to remove WIP, etc).
2.3179 12/30/2019 Add query complexity reduction to S2M when large number of parts.
2.3179 12/24/2019 Fixes for refreshing PO items after changes when in requested state.

2.3168 12/17/2019 josh

2.3158 9/18/2019 Turning off record offcuts will disable the prompt in CNC Viewer.

2.3157 9/9/2019 Fix for Calendar not showing tasks since scheduling engine removed.

2.3156 8/26/2019 Fix for source control error.

2.3155 8/26/2019 Fix for Remove EM Fields in S2M missing a field.

2.3154 6/28/2019 Fix for “no pay/no count overtime” time activities incorrectly reducing overtime.

2.3152 6/8/2019 Change sku precalc logic.

2.3151 6/7/2019 Fallback to low performance SKU update code

2.3148 4/9/2019 Fix for problem.

2.3147 4/8/2019 Fix for Emmetsburg down

2.3146 4/7/2019 Change to sku precalc for AA slow problem.

2.3145 3/25/2019 Time tracking creates job costing from either