Enterprise Manager Build 3145

Build 3145 released as Update Only.


Build Change Date Change

2.3145 3/25/2019 Added setting “Job Costing Method” to Module: Finance.
2.3145 3/25/2019 Added setting “Default Labor GL Code” to Module: Finance.
2.3145 3/25/2019 Time tracking creates job costing from either employee wage or job costing in activity.
2.3145 3/25/2019 Add “Tasks are mandatory when allocating inventory” setting.
2.3145 3/25/2019 Inventory allocated to a task will increase the tasks BOM posted count for that item.
2.3145 3/25/2019 Warning message when allocating SKU to task which has BOM already fulfilled.

2.3144 2/28/2019 Fix for missing prompt for labels checkbox.
2.3144 2/28/2019 Add adjustment for ANDI post with 1mm fake X offset.
2.3144 2/27/2019 Modify Anderson “B” code processing to use largest spindle found as master spindle.
2.3144 2/27/2019 Add “Prompt to print labels” checkbox to CNC viewer.
2.3144 2/25/2019 Attempt to support M89/M88 B codes from Anderson.

2.3143 2/15/2019 Fix for hot note notification not working in server when filtered by location.

2.3142 2/15/2019 Add ability to filter company locations in server.

2.3141 2/14/2019 Added print labels to print… drop down in cnc viewer.
2.3141 2/14/2019 Add support for semi-colon separated filenames in CNC machine code COPYTO style transmitting.
2.3141 2/5/2019 Fix for MRP continually adding “created from resource planner” activity to existing allocations.

2.3140 1/16/2019 Fix for crash in copy job specific associations.

2.3139 1/16/2019 Fix for copy job-specific association to another job not working.

2.3138 1/11/2019 Fix for MRP not picking up SKUs with null location types.

2.3137 1/7/2019 Fix for update database timeclock not calculating weeks that span a year correctly.

2.3136 1/7/2019 More fixes for weeks that span years in timeclock.
2.3136 1/7/2019 Fix for timeclock weeks that span years not properly calculating overtime.

2.3135 1/5/2019 Add WIP Report.
2.3135 1/5/2019 Add support for boolean report parameters.
2.3135 1/5/2019 Add export to Epicore to GL transactions.

2.3134 12/27/2018 More debugging.

2.3133 12/27/2018 MRP only precomputes for selected facility.
2.3133 12/27/2018 More debugging code to catch bug in BOM entry.

2.3130 12/19/2018 More.

2.3129 12/19/2018 Triple checking everything and trusting nothing when creating a new GUI window. Fix for crash reported from Savannah.

2.3128 12/17/2018 Fix for slow query on task saving.

2.3127 12/14/2018 Fix for SKU lookup window getting z-order wrong when nested.
2.3127 12/14/2018 Fix for precompute error on task SKUs.
2.3127 12/14/2018 Disabled locations for a SKU can be saved without a GL Account.