Enterprise Manager Build 3126

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Build 3126 released. 


  • “Add hot note to selected items” in shipping load items screen works again.
  • Added batch scanning back in.

Associated Materials

  • Add “Disable Associated Materials Prompts” setting to stop automatic prompting for creation of material associations (for shops that don’t use them).

Cabinet Vision

  • Add “Import all CV Assemblies” setting to prevent required selection of assemblies to import.

General Ledger

  • Add company location selector.


  • Added tasks dashboard to actions
  • Show details window will show for multiple selected tasks
  • Add Edit Dates checkbox to prevent accidental date changing.
  • Add Show Completed checkbox.


  • MRP can create tasks to manufacture SKUs.


  • Resolving autotext contained in sub-reports.


  • Add counts of assemblies by class (Cohen request).


  • Add BOM for SKU.
  • “On Order” qty reflects outputs from tasks.
  • Add standard cost back to SKU location editor- this sets the cost the SKU is booked into the system when manufactured.
  • Add Make/Buy/Disable option per location.
  • Add Routing Set per location- for SKUs set to MAKE only.


  • Add sheets total and cut properties to task click handler.
  • Coloring controlled by % complete alone.
  • Importing from S2M will auto add accessory class objects that are in the rooms in the import which are not already assigned to a task.
  • Large performance improvements in importing.
  • Add SKU Outputs
    • These are SKUs manufactured by completion of the task.
    • When the task is 100% completed the SKU onhand/inventory costs will be updated.

change log:
Build Change Date Change

2.3126 12/12/2018 Add Routing Set to SKU for MAKE sku creation.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Add Task ID to SKU allocation screen and new setting “Stock Allocations Must Be To Tasks”.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Add saw blade icon to SKUs that are set as makeable.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Add Make option to makeable SKUs in estimator.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Estimator will create tasks with SKU Outputs for SKUs set to make (instead of creating goods requests).
2.3126 11/29/2018 Fix for no sku recalc after creating items in estimator.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Add TaskOutput GL transaction type.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Stock type jobs will allow tasks.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Add Standard Cost back in to SKU editor – this is the cost used with SKU Outputs.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Add MRP type to SKU Editor with options to Buy, Make, or Disabled per facility.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Fix for no SKU recalc after editing BOM in task editor.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Task Output SKUs output when task is 100% complete.
2.3126 11/29/2018 Task Output SKUs reflect in “On Order” for SKU and show in activities.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Fix for task added BOM items not grouping.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Fix for errors when saving SKUs without assigned routings.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Added SKU Outputs to tasks.
2.3126 11/28/2018 SKU Outputs add BOM (does not support nested BOM yet).
2.3126 11/28/2018 Editing a task from a SKU activity window will refresh both SKU and details/activities.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Exiting the task editor either through X or through save will recalc all SKUs related to it.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Add BOM to SKU.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Add Batch Scan button to shipping load items.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Remove useless “Scan” button from shipping load items.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Re-implement “Add hot note to selected items” in shipping load items.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Fix for add by description button not loading item in shipping load items.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Remove all Cabnetware code.
2.3126 11/28/2018 Fix for CV import BOM deleting BOM items manually added to assemblies.

2.3125 11/16/2018 Fix for completing assembly in shipping editor not incrementing task auto completion.
2.3125 11/2/2018 Remove refreshing when doing multiple actions on listview context menu.
2.3125 10/12/2018 Add counts to S2M Filters for class and assembly name.

2.3124 10/1/2018 Cache by sheet in S2M import for performance.

2.3123 10/1/2018 In S2M import cache part operations for faster import.

2.3122 9/28/2018 My Bad.

2.3121 9/28/2018 Add profiling code to task import.
2.3121 9/28/2018 Importing from S2M will auto add accessory class objects that are in the rooms along with the assemblies in the S2M import- only accessories not already assigned to a task.

2.3120 9/28/2018 Resolve autotext contained in sub-reports.

2.3119 9/24/2018 Concealed material will not add offcuts by SKU.
2.3119 9/24/2018 Fix fror no WIP prompt in S2M if parts with 0 qty present.
2.3119 9/24/2018 Remove prompt to remove WIP assemblies setting in S2M- always prompts.
2.3119 9/24/2018 Add “Import All CV Assemblies” and “Disable Associated Material Prompts” settings.
2.3119 9/6/2018 Add company location selector to GL Entries viewer.

2.3118 8/28/2018 Automatic server redirection for Savannah.

2.3117 8/21/2018 Update to point AA to new DSM server.

2.3116 8/1/2018 Add “Show completed” checkbox to Manufacturing.

2.3115 7/31/2018 Fix for crash when adding material in S2M module.

2.3114 7/30/2018 Exclude Concealed Sides offcuts from being added by SKU in S2M except for to concealed sides material.
2.3114 7/25/2018 Increase length of task name that will display to 50 characters in tasks dashboard.

2.3113 7/25/2018 Fix for CNC viewer not being locked while drawing labels.
2.3113 7/25/2018 Add “Edit dates” checkbox in Manufacturing to prevent accidental date changing.
2.3113 7/25/2018 Task coloring in treeviews controlled by % complete instead of sheets/cabinets/counters.
2.3113 7/25/2018 Add sheets total and cut properties to task click handler.

2.3111 7/24/2018 Fix for disabling update materials in S2M also not applying material overrides.
2.3111 7/19/2018 Fix for lockups in CV import when multiple assemblies have the same number (didn’t actually think that could happen, but I guess so).

2.3110 7/15/2018 Fix for missing icon.

2.3109 7/15/2018 Fix for crash when selecting task in Manufacturing.